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To fulfill our high quality standards we use state-of-the-art CNC controlled machining centers. Furthermore we only employ highly qualified professionals. Motivation and frequent professional seminars are essential parts of our quality policy and therefore guarantee the permanent high BRANSCHEIDQUALITY of all our products.

A special quality feature of the BRANSCHEID-CHAINS is the mechanical machining of the contact surfaces of the chain links to perfectly fit the tooth flanks of the chain wheels. 


The accurate fit of chain and chain wheel in the area of power transmission is an essential factor in gaining the longest possible service life of both wheel and chain.

Therefore the outer radii of the fork heads of all BRANSCHEID chain links are milled plane-parallel. This guarantees a laminar and correct fit of these chain areas to the flanks of the chain wheels.

Benefit from the advantages of our uncompromising quality policy:

  • Exact adherence to material specifications
  • Parallel bore holes, perfectly pitched and grooveless
  • Radii on the fork head milled plane-parallel
  • Slots in the fork and forged on cams are all the same width, parallel, smooth and symmetrically arranged
  • Chamfers on all the machined edges
  • In-house magnetic crack detection tests