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Ketten Branscheid and BUT - Ideal Partners

The BRANSCHEID company group provides you with complete solutions from a single source. The close cooperation between our companies guarantees optimal speed and flexibility and helps you to avoid
unnecessary downtimes.

Benefit from the efficient cooperation between suitable partners:

  • Increased manufacturing depth with 100 % influence on quality, from the production of blanks to the completely processed component
  • Extension of the product range from forged blanks to finished components 
  • In-house design of the forged blank guarantees a blank close to the final contour, thus minimising later machining costs
  • Flexible and short delivery deadlines even in the case of special wishes since blanks are produced on the premises
  • Flexible batch sizes


During the forging process the basis for the high quality of the ready machined chain link is set. In relation to cast iron parts drop forged parts generally feature a higher core-density and almost identical strength values
in all spatial axes. However, the most important feature is the fibre flow of the drop forged part.

Material fibres are imaginary lines of force responsible for composite and therefore rigidity along the forging contour. Our chain links are exclusively drop forged horizontal and “against the fibres”.


That means the lines of force exactly and consistently apply to the contour of the forging blank. This guarantees a very high tensile strength and breaking load of the drop forged chain link.